Our Mission

The UML team is dedicated to providing the highest quality laser service at reasonable cost to all our customers – whether you’re a small office or a large corporation, our purpose is the same… to ensure that your laser is operating at its optimal potential.

UML was started in 1985 by Herb Deigl, President and Lead Engineer. His vision was and still is, to assemble a team of specialized individuals that could provide exceptionally high quality laser services to the medical laser industry. Universal Medical Lasers is experienced in the Surgical, Dermatology/Aesthetic, and Ophthalmic laser service markets. We are a trusted, independent laser service company committed to providing affordable, reliable and quality after-market service and repair.

Education and training is vital to your company’s success. Herb is a member of the Professional Medical Educational Association, and provides laser education support at The Laser Training Institute. UML offers credited classes for continuing education at all levels and specialty areas in the medical laser industry… medical/surgical, aesthetic/cosmetic, medical laser safety/safety officers, and laser repair training.

Need a Laser? UML has a large inventory of used and refurbished lasers, as well as common failure laser parts. We source only the highest quality pre-owned lasers, and each piece goes through a rigorous protocol of re-certification testing and service.

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Laser Repair on Most Brands